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By | 4th August 2017

How Matula Tea cured my H pylori within 8 weeks – H pylori treatment experience in my own words by Paul Leadon

I was 31 at the time of my first symptoms, I remember my stomach bubbling and making strange noises I had never heard before, shrugging this off at first, thinking it was over eating. The next stage was extreme pain from acid indigestion and a bloated stomach as if I was pregnant. At this stage I was still in denial anything was seriously wrong, simply thought it would go away.

H Pylori Test

I started to notice certain foods or alcohol would give me extreme diarrhoea, the acid reflux was agony. Thinking I had a stomach ulcer I went to my doctor he tested me with an H pylori stool antigen test, which was positive.

h pylori treatment

My H pylori treatment prescribed, Lansoprazole and metronidazole. After 2 days of taking metronidazole I felt extremely sick and tired I looked at the side effects and this was pretty normal, also found out metronidazole is a cacogenic – https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/drugsatfda_docs/label/2010/012623s061lbl.pdf

I finished the prescription for metronidazole left me feeling sick as a dog, also had thrush which is a common side effect from taking antibiotics. I have tested again and still tested positive. The doctor gave me more antibiotics again, made me very ill, I was tested again still positive. At this point, the doctor advised we should just deal with the symptoms as most people have Helicobacter pylori but are not symptomatic.

Low energy levels?

I noticed my energy levels were very low now and I slipped into a deep depression. After feeling helpless I decided to do my own research, I found out that H pylori infections if left untreated may lead to cancer – https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/infectious-agents/h-pylori-fact-sheet#q3

I surfed the internet looking for H pylori treatment deciding to go down the functional medicine route I found an expert for H pylori treatment.

I was put through more detailed tests and a strict diet which helped me come off Lansoprazole slowly, once I came off them all together my energy levels boosted, it was as if I had been wearing a lead suit for 12 Months. My consultant then prescribed me Matula Tea on an empty stomach morning and night for 30days.

I was tested again twice by an NHS specialist and my Functional medicine expert gave me detailed tests which all proved negative after 8 weeks taking Matula tea. I told my GP that I had cured myself with Matula tea, the response not surprising was never heard of it and disbelief.

I hope my story helps it was a particularly miserable time for me, my advice if the conventional route doesn’t work for you, what have you got to lose?


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